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What is Online Backup?

What are the benefits of using Online Backup?

Deep in his or her heart, every computer user knows well that you must make a regular backup of your data and store it in a secure location. After all, your business data is very important and cannot get lost. Business and private files are lost regularly due to a human error. Almost 100% of all users need to recover data that has been lost at least once per year.
Online Backup provides an opportunity to perform data backup on remote backup servers over the Internet. Online backup can be very useful because it allows to access backups from everywhere, you need only a computer or a laptop connected to the Internet. 

For home users and enterprises, online backup is more secure because it is physically separated from the original data storage. Remote backup storage protects the backed up data and enables quick recovery in case of a disaster or a computer theft.

IASO Online Backup solution is ready-to-use backup solution with an ability to store the backed up data remotely. No matter what happens to the original files, the 100% of backed up data is 100% safe.Online Backup Vs. Tape Backup
Online backup is, in most cases, cheaper, faster and better than tape backup. Also, in case of a disaster, individual or multiple files can be restored quickly and easily by the user. At the same time, tape backup solutions have a significant cost if they are to be effective, they need up front investment, ongoing maintenance and internal staff to maintain and operate them. 

While tape backup systems have different capacities ranging from ten megabytes to ten gigabytes and beyond, the fact remains that they are incredibly slow, not exactly the most reliable way to store computer data, and increasingly difficult to locate.

Using IASO Online backup solution will eliminate the cost for tapes, disks and drives, employee training, transportation to and from facilities, and customer support. Moreover, a business can recover their data in a matter of a few minutes and have their business operational within a day or two after the disaster.IASO Online Backup
IASO Online Backup has been developed for remote online backup managed service applications. The technology has been designed on two criteria: the amount of bandwidth between the data source and the storage device sets is limited is the first. The second criterion is the fact that backups are saved on disks.
Effective data reduction with True DeltaTM

As a disk could be sometimes more expensive than tape and multiple backups need to be stored on it, it is very important to reduce the amount of stored data to a minimum. In order to achieve this, effective data reduction is necessary. IASO has developed the True DeltaTM technique, which is the heart of our solution.Local and Remote

Our unique approach makes IASO Online Backup is excellent for local disk-to-disk backups, for both Enterprise and Data Center backup. True DeltaTM data reduction results to important advantages in terms of scalability and performance.
A combination of local and remote, the so-called 2-tier backup, is more suitable for larger environments. With 2-tier backup a local backup is made first, which will be synchronized to an off-site backup server afterwards. The local backup can be used for quick restores, and the off-site backup is always available in case of disaster recovery.High performance
As IASO Online Backup is exceptionally fast, exceptional large amounts of data in very complex data formats can be processed without overloading the client. Clients with millions of files and several Terabytes data can be processed easily, even in case of limited backup windows.

Key to the entire backup process is IASO True DeltaTM.